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When seeking acupuncture care from practitioner, consider the practitioner's skill, education and experience.  Dr. McCormick, MAcOM, DAOM, DAy, DN has practiced acupuncture as part of his natural medicine career for over 30 years all over the world in over 24 different countries! He is also an expert herbalist, Ayervedic and naprapathic doctor. Graduate college degrees in acupuncture are the best way to determine an acupuncturist's level of education. Holding a certificate is only an indication of the most entry level education in the field of acupuncture . He has various graduate degrees and experience that qualifies him as a top acupuncture practitioner in the Wyoming and Black Hills region. Dr. McCormick has studied under and practiced alongside some of the top doctors of acupuncture in the world. He has worked as a licensed acupuncturist in 10 different States while helping to build and support the acupuncture profession. He has been a professor at four different acupuncture and Asian medicine graduate colleges. He is a published author in the field of acupuncture, researcher and inventor.

As a naprapath, Dr. McCormick, DAOM , DN utilizes all of his skills and experience in natural medicine in his Osteopractic-Naprapathic practice.

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