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Integrative Functional Natural Healthcare
for Adults, Children and Dogs Too!
Appointments Available Daily
Dr. McCormick & Associate
By Donation Clinics Throughout 2021*
Monday - Sunday.  8 AM - 8 PM
Dry Needling and Manual Therapy
Sports and Medical Massage and Bodywork
Osteopractic Naprapathy and Eurasian Healing Arts
Offices In Downtown
Laramie - Cheyenne, WY and Rapid City, SD
 Remote herbal and nutritional consultations are also available
daily by phone, text or e-mail.
House-Calls for People and Dogs 
  (605) 218 - 0383

Associate Clinics in Eastern and Western South Dakota 

Holistic - Integrative - Complementary Healing Since 1989

In Continual Uninterrupted Practice in

Wyoming and South Dakota Since 2010

Devoted to every client's unique journey through the prevention and
natural treatment of dis-ease to optimal wellness and vitality. . .

Where there are far more techniques

than simply needles in the vast field of natural therapies

 with traditional and modern healing arts

from Asian and European origins.

Acupuncture, Dry Needling and Manual Therapies

have been used for thousands of years to 

effectively treat both people and animals





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