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TDP Lamp Therapy


TDP Mineral Lamp Therapy

In clinical applications in China and other Eastern Countries for over 15 years, TDP mineral lamp therapy has been found to treat ailments such as chronic wounds, joint pain, arthritis, back pain, weight loss, infertility, injuries and some skin conditions like herpes and psoriasis etc.  It does this by reducing inflammation, calming pain, improving micro-circulation and balancing metabolism. 

TDP Lamp Therapy is frequently used during acupuncture, laser therapy and bodywork sessions to enhance healing as a form of 'modern moxibustion'.


Benefits Of TDP Mineral Lamp Therapy:

1. Relieves Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Inflammation and Soft Tissue Injuries, Speeds Healing.
TDP lamp increases blood circulation, which aids in muscle relief by emitting 33 essential minerals into your body. The absorbed energy promotes micro circulation and metabolism, helps improve the immune system. Good for people with sore muscles, arthritis, bursitis, back ache, tennis elbow and joint pains.

2. Relaxes Muscle and Improves Range Of Motion
TDP lamp causes the muscles to relax, which will improve range of motion and help insomnia. Lots of treatments have shown that the mineral heating lamp provides several key health benefits for massage therapy.

3. Comfortable and Relaxed Feeling 
This mineral heating lamp generates a kind of thermo-magnetic heat. The heat of the TDP Mineral Lamp penetrates into the region of the body which creates a very comfortable and relaxed feeling.

How Can 33 Essential Minerals of TDP Mineral Lamp Help Your Body?
When the Mineral Lamp is heated to a certain temperature, it emits the FIR (far infrared) energy, resulting in many therapeutic benefits.

The emitted FIR energy penetrates up to 3½ inches, and stimulates micro circulation, delivering higher levels of oxygen and nutrients to the injured cells, while eliminating toxins and cellular waste.

The TDP Mineral Lamp features a plate coated with a formulation of 33 minerals for your body. The heated mineral plate emits deep-penetrating, far-infrared waves. This natural energy is identical to that generated by our own bodies, and is naturally absorbed into our tissues.

TDP Lamp relaxes muscles, reduces stiffness, inflammation and more!

The lamp's mineral plate is simply aimed at the treatment area. The deep penetrating far-infrared energy of the TDP Lamp will be felt as gentle warmth in the treated area.  The heat form the lamp is directed at the affected area at a distance of 12-16 inches for 5-40 minutes.

Prevent and control pain and stiffness, enhance well-being:
Direct the TDP lamp on the trauma area at a distance of 12-16 inches for 5~40 minutes. Treatment is once a day and the course is 6 to 20 treatments.

Reduce joint pain and stiffness:
For treatment of more superficial discomfort, direct the healing lamp on the area from a distance of 12-16 inches, thirty minutes once a day. The treatment period is 7 days.

The treatment is pain free and relaxing.
The TDP healing lamp can be used to warm topical areas for surface distress, but also the lamp penetrates the skin helping to temporarily relieve muscle spasm, sprains and strains, and minor muscular back pain.

In China, Korea, and Norway nearly 200 institutes, hospitals, and universities have conducted extensive experiments using TDP Mineral Lamp therapy on animals, plants, and people. How does the TDP lamp work on dozens of other symptoms?

Infrared therapy has scientifically been proven to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation, promote plant growth, strengthen immunity against disease, improve metabolism, and to promote growth. The TDP Mineral Lamp is a tested therapeutic tool now being widely used by acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other healthcare practitioners. In the past 16 years, millions of patients with
chronic ailments have been beneficiaries of therapy with TDP lamps.

In China, people refer to the TDP Lamp as the "Miracle Lamp" due to its incredible reported success in helping with chronic ailments. In Korea, there are entire clinics dedicated to TDP mineral lamps and no other kind of therapy. A few of the most common symptoms for which TDP lamps are used under the supervision of a physician or at home are back pain, shoulder and joint pain, and arthritis.

The difference between simple infrared radiation, and the TDP lamp, is that the TDP lamp incorporates a mineral plate that is heated to ionize the trace minerals. This plate, the key distinct component of these TDP lamps, is composed of a proprietary mineral formulation consisting of 33 elements intended for healthful stimulation of the human body processes (in 43 chemical binding forms).The human body relies on vitamins and minerals to repair and
rebuild itself. When your immune system is weakened or you are fatigued, stressed, or have taxed your body in some way, you need minerals to rebuild and repair your health. Eighty percent of Americans are Zinc deficient. Premature grey hair can sometimes be attributed to a lack of Molybdenum. Key minerals essential to health are contained in the special mineral plate in the TDP lamp. When the plate is heated to the specific high temperature, it emits
electromagnetic waves sized 2-25 microns, allowing for maximum absorption by the human body. The principle behind using the mineral plate is that the excitation of the minerals into their ionic state is what stimulates many of the body's natural metabolic processes, such as Fe(Iron) to Fe++ which is used in the process of oxygenating the blood. And the body uses minerals mostly in their ionic form, not their metallic form.

The mid-IR wavelengths from the TDP lamp were noticed to be similar to the radiant healing energy coming from (healing) hands as measured by a infrared sensor.

According to studies conducted in China and Korea, the TDP lamp has been clinically show to promote micro-circulation, that's the movement of blood in all the tiny spaces of your body so it can deliver nutrients, remove waste products, and send repair cells to do their work.

The TDP lamp has also been classified by the FDA in a group of radiant devices used for the temporary relief of chronic pain and arthritis.

Americans are just starting to learn about the benefits of TDP mineral lamp therapy.  Abroad TDP lamps have been used with positive results as part of therapy for over 100 conditions, including, but not limited to: arthritis, joint pain, dermatitis, edema, swelling and skin conditions of all kinds, diarrhea, lower back pain, pneumonia, irregular menstruation, impotence, paralysis, infection, scars, cold and flu, angina, bone fractures, bruises, tumors, low metabolism, etc. Unfortunately in the United States, insufficient documentation has been presented to get approval from the FDA for the treatment of any medical condition. Clinical studies in hospitals, universities, and clinics have documented the absorbed infrared energy to promote microcirculation and metabolism, stimulation of the immune system, and delivery of short-term and long-term pain relief.

Nowadays, TDP lamps are widely used by therapists and individuals for pain relief and many other health concerns (which have not yet been FDA approved). You find TDP lamps in broad usage in the United States, China, Japan, Korea, Israel, and Hong Kong, among other places. Different infrared wavelengths are more useful in working with different health conditions. The infrared frequencies of TDP mineral lamp therapy are most useful with soft tissue and
skin injuries, and many kinds of pain.

The traditional Chinese medicine theory behind the operation of TDP lamps is based on the radiant electromagnetic frequencies that the healthy human body makes. A segment of this infrared spectrum comes from the sun, but some is blocked by the atmosphere. Some people who have studied energetic healing techniques can focus the radiant energy of the human body to affect another person. The point of the TDP lamp is to reproduce this radiant effect in a dramatically more powerful and reproducible manner. Infrared "light" is too low a frequency to be seen with your eyes, but you can feel it, as you can when you stand near a stove. There are well-known benefits to warming an injured area or strained muscle, the way soaking in a hot bath can soothe away aches and pains. The opposite is true that cold temperatures can aggravate joint pain, arthritis, and other illnesses. The TDP lamp has a penetrating heat that goes into the body 2 to 3.5 inches. Additionally, it's providing the full infrared spectrum emitted by the human body, including the part that is filtered out of sunshine by our atmosphere. Add to that the mineral plate excitation, and you have a very powerful tool for jump-starting the body's repair processes.

The simple mechanics of the TDP lamp's heating action in stimulating natural body processes can most likely help with any condition where a boost in the body's repair process is beneficial. Some patients anecdotally report 100% recovery, and most report a dramatic improvement of their symptoms of at least 40%. TDP lamps are in wide use by acupuncturists, chiropractors, and other natural health specialists in this country.

Additionally, you may be familiar with the eastern medicine concept of Chi or Qi (Prana, Life Force, etc.), which is the energy that flows through living things. There are only a few ways to add Qi to the body: breathing, eating, moxibustion, an energetic healer, and the TDP Mineral Lamp. If your body is aging because you "burn the candle at both ends" or live with too much stress, you are depleting your Qi.  


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