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Siravedhana, also known as Marma Chikitsa (Marmapuncture), is an integral part of Ayurveda and utilizes a meridian and point system similar to acupuncture and acupressure.  It was almost a lost healing art within the practice of Ayurveda due to many factors.  There has been considerable effort in the past few years to revive the practice of this energetically based therapy.  Dr. McCormick has studied and practiced this style of treatment throughout his career and integrates a modern approach to this ancient healing art.  He uses cold laser, micro-current and manual therapies including the use of various therapeutic tools known as shoni-shin in the application of Siravedhana.  Use of solid, sterile filiform needles is just one of the many ways this healing art may be performed.  This technique can obtain all the healing effects and benefits of acupuncture but without using needles or considered "acupuncture". This makes this meridian style treatment open to a wider segment of the population since most people cringe at the thought of being stuck with needles, as is the case for many when considering acupuncture treatment.

Siravedhana can be used to treat the imbalances in the body that present as physical disease while also helping to balance the emotions and mood. The therapy looks similar to other therapies such as acupressure or acupuncture since it focuses on opening the circulation through various pathways and points on the body (marma points). Tongue, pulse and other Asian medicine styles of assessment are used, similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, there are differences in the terminology and differentiation of a patient's condition that are unique to Ayurveda.

Dr. McCormick uses a variety of traditional and modern techniques in his practice of Siravedhana including thermal, manual, electrical and photonic (laser) techniques to influence the body's healing potential within the practice of this Ayurvedic healing art.  He addresses a wide variety of health and wellness concerns combining this effective therapy with the other aspects of Ayurveda including herbal medicines.  Patients find treatments to be very relaxing and revitalizing.

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