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Piezo Therapy


Piezo Therapy

Non-Needle Acupuncture Point Therapy

Piezo works just like acupuncture - but without the needles!  Piezo devices have been researched for decades by many  Japanese scientists and physicians  who also studied bio-electricity (the close relationship between the human body and electricity).  Faint but measurable amounts of electricity are produced by the heart, the brain, individual cells and by muscular contraction.

Chinese acupuncture treatment is based on stimulating specific areas of the body with needles to generate and influence the body's electric current for relieving pain.  The piezo devices does the same thing but without needles.  The nervous system is stimulated - as with acupuncture - to help relieve pain, improve circulation and address a wide variety of health concerns just like needle acupuncture. The piezo devices uses electric-pressure sparking (like that used in electronic lighters) to create a low electronic pulse that's painless, yet effective.

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