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Herbal Pharmacy



Traditional Asian Herbal Medicine Pharmacy

The Largest Herbal Apothecary In South Dakota

*Please note that these herbal medicines are not sold directly to the public in stores or on-line.  These herb formulas are by prescription only from a professional naturopathic Asian medicine practitioner. 

We use 5:1 extracts from KPC and Plum Flower for our compounded formulas.  Encapsulation of powdered extract formulas is available for an additional charge. Tablets and pill formulas from Blue Poppy Great Nature Classics, Blue Poppy Originals and Blue Poppy Classics lines are also available.  Our apothecary also carries a full line of Asian topical liniments, ointments and various skin and injury care products from Blue Poppy, Spring Wind and others.

Herbal consultations are available by appointment at each clinic location

Monday - Saturday from 8 AM -  8 PM

The pharmacy provides a wide variety of options for patients with the highest quality practitioner grade Western Botanical, Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines available in concentrated extract powders, capsules, pills, tinctures, teas, salves and liniments.



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