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Fees and Rates


Menu of Services

Fees for office visit services are based on time with the doctor and not the number of procedures performed.

Suggested fees based on the rate of $23 for each 15 minutes with the doctor.

$92 per hour.

Please keep that in mind with your conscious donations as this is not a Free Clinic.



 Acupuncture / Dry Needling / IMS Session (By Donation)

This office visit may address multiple conditions and is also available without needles using low level soft laser applied to acupuncture and trigger points or areas of injury.  During this clinical hour session a nutritional and herbal medicine prescription for internal and external applications

(if appropriate) along with various manual therapies are included (see treatment description below).


Herbal Medicine - Nutritional Consultation (By Donation)

This office visit includes an assessment and evaluation with appropriate nutritional counseling and prescription of a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb formula and/or nutritional supplements to address a variety of health concerns. Follow-up consultations range for 15 - 30 minutes.


Naprapathy (Tui Na) (By Donation)

Hands-On Orthopedic Muscle and Connective Tissue Therapy 

*No initial Intake fee is required for Naprapathy (Tui Na) sessions. Session time range from a half hour to an hour and a half.  

Initial bodywork appointments are guaranteed with pre-payment by credit card over the phone to validate a serious appointment. 

When booking your initial appointment, simply think of it as purchasing a gift certificate for yourself over the phone.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated since your naprapathic doctor has reserved the clinic and guaranteed the session time just for you.


*New Patient Intake and Evaluation  $35 

New patient appointments are guaranteed with pre-payment  of the Intake and Evaluation fee by credit card over the phone to validate a serious appointment booking and minimizes no-shows and last minute cancellations.  The treatment fee is by respectful donation in 2021 in response to the pandemic's financial impact on certain families and individuals.  However, in order to validate a serious appointment booking we request payment for the initial intake upon scheduling. 

The initial office visit is 75 minutes and consists of a new patient intake and health history, evaluation (including a Traditional Asian Medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis), neuro-muscular, range of motion and  musculo-skeletal assessments, report of findings and discussion of an appropriate treatment plan and treatment with acupuncture needles and / or laser therapy (with other related therapies - see Standard session description below). Conditions other than musculo-skeletal issues will be assessed with other osteopractic - naprapathic evaluations.


Telemedicine   (Requires pick-up by mail and payment for the herbal Rx from our on-line pharmacy)

Dr. McCormick provides naturopathic - Traditional Asian Medicine consultations and natural clinical health care from a distance using telecommunication.  Many health concerns are addressed using herbal and nutritional medicine along with various home therapies.  This type of service is ideal for individuals that are out of the area or do not wish to schedule an in person office visit. 


Treatment sessions consist of much more than the procedure of inserting needles or applying laser to points or areas on the body.  Our clinic's treatment sessions are significantly more extensive, thorough and much more effective than many other clinics of its kind in the region.  
A treatment is a comprehensive and  holistic clinical hour of various natural healing arts that may include:
  • needle therapy or laser therapy instead of needles
  • electro point stimulation*
  • traditional moxibustion / infrared heat / laser-moxa application*
  • fire cupping*
  • gua sha-Graston*
  • auricular (ear reflex) therapy
  • topical Chinese herbal applications*
  • acupressure, naprapathy-tui na manual therapy*
  • herbal and nutritional formula prescription
  • dietary and nutritional counseling therapy*
  • lifestyle counseling*
  • bio-feedback techniques 
  • nutritional supplement evaluation*
  • instruction in exercises to support healing *
  • meridian and muscle taping*
  • Asian medicine tongue and pulse assessments
  • Japanese hara and meridian assessments
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern differentiation 
*Therapies used when appropriate to care. Your practitioner will work with you to determine the recommended length and frequency of visits.
Just as you decide how much you wish to donate for the service
(full or partial payment of normal fees),
the practitioner will decide how much time and services they will provide based on the donation. 
We operate by respectful donation in 2021 due to our fellow citizens' social and economic challenges.
God Bless America!
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