Naprapathy and Eurasian Healing Arts
Integrative Dry Needling - Acupuncture - Laser Therapy - Osteopractic Naprapathy - Naturopathy - Functional Nutrition - Herbal Medicine
Integrative Functional Natural Healthcare
for Adults and Children
Appointments Available Daily
Dr. McCormick & Associate
Monday - Sunday.  8 AM - 8 PM

Dry Needling Naprapathy and Eurasian Healing Arts

Laramie, WY
 Remote herbal and nutritional consultations are also available
daily by phone, text or e-mail 
  (605) 218 - 0383

Associate Clinics in South Dakota 

Holistic - Integrative - Complementary Healing Since 1989

Practicing in Wyoming and South Dakota Since 2010

Devoted to every client's unique journey through the prevention and
natural treatment of dis-ease to optimal wellness and vitality. . .

Where there are far more techniques

than simply needles in the vast field of natural therapies

 of the traditional and modern healing arts

from Asian and European origins.



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