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South Dakota Clinics

Dr. McCormick or his associate practitioners are available by appointment Monday - Saturday for 8 AM - 8 PM.

Dog Acupuncture is available at our South Dakota Offices in Rapid City, Sioux Falls and Brookings. Fee $120

To request an appointment please e-mail blackhillsacu@gmail.com


*When calling for an appointment in Sioux Falls, please specify if you are scheduling to see Dr. McCormick otherwise you may be scheduled with one of his associate practitioner interns. Although treatment sessions are free of charge and by donation, needling therapy sessions do require patients to purchase their own needles. Needles are for sale at our clinics for patients to purchase.

Dr. McCormick provides post-graduate mentorship, clinical training and supervised practice experience to recent graduates of the two Minneapolis colleges of acupuncture and Oriental medicine accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  acaom.org

Each intern / associate at the Rapid City and Sioux Falls clinics are recent graduates with a Master's degree (MAOM)  and have passed the National Board examinations for acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.**

Since 1996 Dr. McCormick has been a professional clinical supervisor and professor of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at various acupuncture and natural medicine colleges throughout the United States including the acupuncture colleges in the Minneapolis area. He was one of the first twenty licensed acupuncturists in Minnesota by the Medical Board.  Dr. McCormick's work as a pioneer in the acupuncture profession is demonstrated by him being the first licensed acupuncturists to lecture to physicians at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  In 1996 he was invited by the Mayo Clinic to give presentations to Mayo's physicians regarding current scientific and medical research in acupuncture and evidence based practice in complementary medicine.  

Dr. McCormick is currently focused on helping develop the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession in South Dakota while supporting the real and properly trained community of acupuncture Oriental medicine practitioners that are graduates of masters and doctoral degree granting accredited colleges and universities.  He is the founding member of the Acupuncture Society of South Dakota, a professional organization that is dedicated to public education and support of the development of the acupuncture profession and best practices in the State.

see:  acusocietysd.com



**Please note that just about every chiropractor practicing acupuncture in South Dakota has not passed the National Board exams (for acupuncture and Oriental medicine) and are not even qualified or eligible to take these exams since they have dangerously inadequate and insufficient education in the field of acupuncture (even though they hold themselves out to the public as "properly trained" in acupuncture).  As a patient be informed and ask questions before you let a chiropractor stick you with an acupuncture needle.  Chiropractors are marketing acupuncture along with chiropractic and this is confusing the public.

Don't be fooled.  See an authentic and properly trained acupuncturist with a minimum of three to four years of graduate college education in the field of acupuncture (that is the minimum entry level education for a real acupuncturist).


Many South Dakota chiropractors are holding themselves out to the public as acupuncture providers and take advantage of a loophole that was written into the South Dakota chiropractic practice act a number of years ago when there were very few if any acupuncturists practicing in the State. This was deliberately written into the State's chiropractic practice act to enable South Dakota's chiropractors to bypass the minimum basic national standards of education, safety and clinical training for the practice of acupuncture and deceptively market themselves to the public as "acupuncturists".  These chiropractors are confusing the public, encroaching on the professional turf of real acupuncturists (those that are graduates of ACAOM  accredited colleges holding masters and/or doctoral degrees in acupuncture) and putting the public at risk of harm and serious injury.  Additionally, it can be argued that these chiropractors are providing substandard treatment due to their significantly insufficient education and inadequate supervised clinical training (typically none).

 For more information about this disturbing issue and public safety concern see:

South Dakota Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association sdaoma.org

Acupuncture Society of South Dakota  


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