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Pulse Diagnosis






Pulse Diagnosis

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses pulse diagnosis along with other diagnostic skills to reveal the patern of a patients qi imbalnce related to their health concerns.

Pulse diagnosis in TCM is important for two reasons - it can give very detailed information on the state of the internal organs and it reflects the whole complex of Qi, Blood Yin, Yang and every part of the body. It gives the doctor an indication of the overall constitution of a person. Just as the tongue can reflect qi imbalances related to health, so does the pulse. Pulse diagnosis is a very subtle skill. The TCM doctor takes the pulse on the radial artery, dividing it into three sections on the wrist and detecting it at three different levels. The three wrist sections of the pulse on the radial artery are the front, middle and rear, respectively. The three levels are superficial (pressing lightly), middle (pressing a little deeper) and deep (pressing even deeper). The three levels at each of the three sections on the wrist are referred to as the “Nine Regions.”


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