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Painless Needles


Whatever the opinion, Dry Needling and related techniques are not therapies simply limited to the practices of physical therapists or acupuncturists. There are other types of healthcare practitioners that utilize dry needling and related techniques using acupuncture needles.

There are two fundamental concerns:

1. The safety of the patient 2. The appropriate training and efficacy of the practitioner.

The lack of universally accepted standards of education and regulation in the field of Dry Needling has resulted in many different types of practitioners using acupuncture needles. It is has been left to the consumer to determine which practitioner they feel comfortable and safe seeing for this type of care with solid filiform needles.

The sad and unfortunate modern reality for the Acupuncture profession is that one does not have to be an acupuncturist (meeting the standards and regulations of the Acupuncture profession) to use acupuncture needles; and the use of acupuncture needles no longer constitutes the practice of acupuncture.

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