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Dietary Therapy

Holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary therapy is an integral part of care for a variety of health concerns

Traditional Chinese medical dietary therapy involves the understanding the properties of foods and their affects on health as well the use of food for preserving health and preventing and treating illnesses.


The nature of food is defined on the same basis as in Traditional Chinese Medicine and are grouped by taste. The five principal categories taste are sour, sweet, bitter, pungent and salty. Based on the five element theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine holds that each taste favors an internal organ: sour favors the liver, sweet favors the spleen, bitter favors the heart, pungent favors the lungs, and salty favors the kidney. Generally, each taste has a different impact on the human body.


The nature of food is a fundamental principle in Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary therapy. Foods are classified into coldness, coolness, warmth, and heat, "the four natures". In practice, these natures divide into two basic kinds - cold and hot. Regulating the cold and hot of foods is an important aspect of diet regulation practiced by Chinese medical dietary therapy.


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