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American and Asian Ginseng

Our pharmacy provides both Asian and American Ginseng in a variety of forms and in various formulas to address a wide variety of health concerns.  American Ginseng has many  health benefits and can be consumed as a daily tonic to strengthen the body on many levels including promoting vitality and longevity.  It can be used alone or in custom blended formulas to address each patients individual health patterns.

Over 22 years ago, Dr. McCormick was one of the first practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the heart of wild American ginseng country, Southwestern Wisconsin and Southeastern Minnesota.  He treated a wide variety of patients from numerous small towns around the region and some of them were seasoned wild American ginseng hunters. From his experiences with these ginseng hunters and farmers, Dr. McCormick developed a deep appreciation and respect for the medicinal properties of American ginseng and its place in his practice of compounding customized traditional Chinese herbal medicine formulas.

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