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Facial Rejuvenation




Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Treatment of Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Sagging Skin

Look ten years younger in just ten treatments!

Facial Rejuvenation "Acu Face-Lift" Treatment is a natural alternative to Botox, fillers, surgery and other procedures.  The treatments combine the use of acupuncture point stimulation to the face along with constitutional therapies for the body to supporting overall health and vitality.  The face can reflect the state of health of the entire body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The TCM facial rejuvenation approach uses a variety of techniques within a session to restore beauty, reduce wrinkles and tone sagging facial skin:

  • acupuncture needles and/or laser needle to fine lines and wrinkles
  • micro-current electrical stimulation to facial muscles and facial acupuncture points
  • facial acupressure
  • Traditional Chinese herbal medicine topical applications to the skin
  • constitutional body acupuncture point therapy for whole body health
  • use of Traditional Chinese herbal medicine (internally) to support beauty and wellness
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary therapies to support beauty and vitality

A typical facial rejuvenation program consists of weekly treatments for ten weeks then once per month tune-ups to maintain a youthful look and optimal vitality.  Many factors contribute to a healthy facial glow and facial rejuvenation therapy may become part of a holistic optimal health, wellness and longevity program using naturopathic Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutrition with Dr. McCormick's help.

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