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Dermatome Needling



Dermatomal Trigger Point Dry Needling (DTDN)

Dermatome Needling (also called Dermatomal Trigger Point Dry Needling - DTDN) was founded and developed by Dr. Terence McCormick through his research and clinical practice that spans over three decades treating thousands of patients.  It is a technique that utilizes both local trigger points and paraspinal neuromuscular pressure points along with distal points at related dermatomes known as activators and connectors. The treatment technique is an enhancement to the standard approach of dry needling practice by increasing positive treatment outcomes and the comfort of patients. It addresses trigger points in the muscles, soft tissue and  sports injuries, chronic myofascial pain, mobility and range of motion concerns among many other conditions.

Dermatome Needling is a registered term and trade mark.  It is based on physiology and neurological principles explained in the book written by Dr. McCormick, Dermatome Needling:  Foundations of Clinical Practice. This clinical manual explains protocols using this technique that may be administered with or without the use solid sterile filiform needles.  Pressure, thermal, photobiomodulation (with soft laser 'needle'), electrical micro-current, vibrational and acoustic forms of point stimulation may be used to administer this healing technique. This technique may or may not use needles and does not have any connection to the metaphysical practice of acupuncture.


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