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Da Bang Therapy


Da Bang

Traditional Chinese Medicine Bamboo Stick Therapy

Da Bang is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine naprapathy - tui na that uses a bamboo stick tapped over muscular and soft tissue regions of the body to promote healing and relieve pain. The translation from Chinese means "hit stick"  since the therapy involves gently, yet firmly tapping the patient repeatedly with a bamboo stick. It a technique that has been popular with martial artists for centuries to help increase mobility and recover from injuries and pain.  Da Bang produces redness and discoloration of the skin for a few days after the treatment similar to fire cupping and gua sha and works very well for more dense and restrictive connective tissue and muscle in chronically tight and tense areas of the back and shoulders. This therapy produces a similar effects as modern ultrasound in the way it stimulated tissue to promote healing and pain relief.

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