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What exactly does Dr. McCormick treat effectively?

He effectively treats a wide variety of health conditions in both children and adults. He specializes in the treatment of chronic and acute pain, allergies, infertility, hormone and metabolic regulation and a wide variety of other health concerns.

In an official report, Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials, the World Health Organization (WHO) has listed the following symptoms, diseases and conditions that have been shown through controlled trials to be treated effectively by acupuncture and acu-point TCM laser therapy. Based and current research and Dr. McCormick's clinical experience, other non-needle naturopathic-Oriental medicine treatments are also very effective at addressing these concerns and the additional health concerns listed: 

chronic and acute pain

low back pain

neck pain


tennis elbow

knee pain

periarthritis of the shoulder


facial pain (including craniomandibular disorders)

shingles (zoster) pain


dental pain

dry eyes

macular degeneration support

tempromandibular (TMJ) dysfunction

rheumatoid arthritis

menopause support

hormone regulation

fertility and IVF support

digestive concerns related to "Leaky Gut"

induction of labor

correction of malposition of fetus (breech presentation)

morning sickness

nausea and vomiting

postoperative pain


essential hypertension

primary hypotension

renal colic


adverse reactions to radiation or chemotherapy

allergic rhinitis, including hay fever

biliary colic

depression (including depressive neurosis and depression following stroke)

acute bacillary dysentery

primary dysmenorrhea

acute epigastralgia

peptic ulcer

acute and chronic gastritis

Lyme Disease Support

Cancer Treatment Support

plantar fasciitis

peripheral neuropathy


Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Facial Paralysis (Bell's Palsy)

chronic fatigue (Adrenal Fatigue)

nicotine addiction (quit smoking)

metabolic regulation and weight management

and many other conditions. . .

Functional Integrative Nutritional Medicine, Naprapathy and Laser Therapy can address a variety of other health concerns along with Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies and herbal formulas

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