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Active Stretching



Active Isolated Flexibility

Active Isolated Flexibility is a scientific and evidence based approach to "stretching" that has applications beyond improving sports recovery and range of motion.  This gentle and highly effective approach to flexibility helps to improve posture while helping to eliminating pain patterns due to restrictions in the muscle and connective tissues.  Instruction in Active Isolated Flexibility exercises helps to empower patients in recovery and healing by giving them the skills and knowledge to continue with therapy at home.  Dr. McCormick has an extensive background as a coach and trainer for elite athletes in addition to being a yoga instructor since the early 1990's.  While living and practicing in New York City in 2001 he was introduced to Phil Wharton while out on a training run with a group of distance runners on the trails of New York's Catskill Mountains.  Since then he and became a student of Wharton's methods and worked with various doctors, therapists and trainers that are advanced practitioners of Active Isolated Flexibility.  In various clinical settings Dr. McCormick was able to develop his skills in the use of this this gentle and effective technique while working with patients and fellow athletes.  Today, he incorporates Active isolated Flexibility into his practice to support a wide variety of patients of all ages addressing numerous pain and mobility concerns. 

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