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The initial office visit is 75 minutes and consists of a new patient intake, evaluation, report of findings and discussion of an appropriate treatment plan (Manual Therapy sessions excluded).  A Standard or Enhanced treatment is also provided at this initial office visit.  As an established patient, return visits may consist of any of the following sessions listed below.  Patients choose their level of care making acupuncture natural health and wellness services affordable on any budget.


Minimal‚Äč 20*

This is a 10 - 15 minute herbal-nutritional custom prescription consultation. Auricular (outer ear) acupressure therapy and traditional Asian naturopathic medicine differential pattern diagnosis are included with this office visit. Treatment for one condition only.


Basic 40*

This office visit includes all the elements of the Minimal Session along with a basic 20 minute acupuncture treatment while seated (one-side, one limited set of points, only distal - no local points) or 10 minute laser therapy or 20 minute manual therapy (tui na – naprapathy). Treatment for one condition only during this 15 -25 minute session. Great for kids!


Limited 60*

This office visit includes all the elements of the Basic Session with a more extensive and potent combination of acupuncture points retained for up to 30 minutes.

Treatment may include electro-therapy or fire cupping or gua sha.

Treatment for one condition only in this 35-40 minute session.


 Standard 80 

Most Popular Treatment! (with or without needles)

This office visit includes all the elements of the Limited session with the addition of a second set of acupuncture points retained for an additional 10 – 15 minutes, for a more extensive and powerful treatment. This session may address multiple conditions and is ideal to address more chronic and complex health concerns in this hour session. This treatment is also available without needles using low level soft laser applied to acupuncture points (laser acupuncture).


Enhanced 100

Most Comprehensive and Potent Care!

This office visit includes all of the elements of the Standard Treatment with the addition of laser therapy or 10 minutes of manual therapy (tui na, naprapathy, etc.) during the hour session. This session may address multiple conditions just like the Standard session.


 The sessions marked with * are only available to established patients as follow-up visits. They are not available as an initial treatment session.


Manual Therapy Sessions 

(Naprapathy - Tui Na) 20 - 60 minute sessions

1.5 per minute  

(no initial paperwork fee or extended initial visit intake required)


First time initial intake and health history paperwork fee

20 (paid once)

Session time beyond the designated length of the session is charged an additional

2 per minute.

Phone consultations are charged

2 per minute

The Standard session of acupuncture or laser therapy (laser acupuncture) Treatment is much more than the procedure of inserting needles or applying laser to points or areas on the body,  it is a comprehensive and  holistic therapy session that may include:
  • needle therapy or laser therapy instead of needles
  • electro-stim: electro-acupuncture*
  • moxibustion / infrared heat therapy*
  • fire cupping*
  • gua sha*
  • auricular (ear reflex) therapy
  • topical Chinese herbal applications*
  • acupressure, tui na or naprapathy*
  • herbal and nutritional formula prescription
  • dietary and nutritional therapy*
  • lifestyle counseling*
  • instruction in exercises to support healing
*Therapies used when appropriate to care. Your doctor will work with you to determine the recommended length and frequency of visits
When booking appointments please indicate what type of session you are scheduling.  If this is not indicated, your appointment will be booked as a Standard Visit  (one hour session).
Dr. McCormick's team of holistic health and wellness practitioners at our various clinic locations are here to provide you with the finest holistic natural  health and wellness care available in the Front Range, Southeastern Wyoming, Black Hills region and Kansas City area.
* No patient is ever turned away due to financial circumstances and the inability to pay.  Our centers offer a sliding fee - barter system that makes treatments affordable while you help us to grow our practice through a variety of community outreach, networking and promotion opportunities. Patients exchange their time and effort spreading the good word about us and the benefits of Oriental medicine in their community in exchange for treatments.  It is an equal exchange of Qi that helps everyone involved while taking money out of the equation.
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