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Herbal Medicine Pharmacy

The Largest Asian Herbal Apothecary in the region with Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine Formulas


Our herbal apothecary is stocked with over 300 powdered herbal extracts in single herbs and formulas.  The apothecary custom compounds Asian herbal extracts into formulas specifically designed to address various health concerns.  The apothecary is happy to fill formulas from other TCM practitioners and gladly works with patients and practitioners from other clinics that wish to utilize the apothecary's compounding services.  

We use 5:1 extracts from KPC and Plum Flower for our compounded formulas.  Encapsulation of powdered extract formulas is available for an additional charge. Tablets and pill formulas from Blue Poppy Great Nature Classics, Blue Poppy Originals and Blue Poppy Classics lines are also available.  Our apothecary also carries a full line of Asian topical liniments, ointments and various skin and injury care products from Blue Poppy, Spring Wind and others.

The Asian Herbal Apothecary is open Monday through Saturday.  Formula requests can be filled the same day if called in before 5 pm.  Herbal prescriptions can be picked up after hours from our lock bock at our front door as early as 7 am and as late as 7:30 pm Monday through Saturday.  A patient or practitioner's herbal prescription is prepared and left in the lock box to be picked up.  A combination to the lock box is provided upon pre-payment of the prescription.

Herbal consultations are available by appointment with Dr. Terence McCormick, DAOM and his associates.

In addition to our Chinese herbal extract compounding apothecary in Fort Collins, our TCM wellness centers use Crane Herb Pharmacy, an on-line service to prescribe Chinese herbal medicine formulas in pill and powder form. 

Bulk raw Chinese herbal formula prescriptions are also available. These may be filled at various dispensaries in the region or using our on-line bulk service with Kamwo Herb Pharmacy. The option of having your raw TCM herb formula cooked into decoction is also available.  Decoctions of tea are cooked and hygienically vacuum sealed in containers that are shipped directly to you.

We provide a wide variety of options for providing our patients with the highest quality Traditional Chinese Medicines available.

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