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A Non-Needle Approach to Acu-Point Therapy

The Benefits of Acupuncture Without Needles!

Electro-acupuncture Pain Management System uses a fine probe (NO needles like Traditional Acupuncture or Trigger Point Dry Needling) that generates brief, continuous electric impulses. This treats headaches, sciatica, and radicular pain in the upper and lower extremities from spinal nerve compression, and  relieves pain in trigger points, which are hypersensitive areas of muscle or connective tissues (also called muscle knots), by stimulating the muscle fibers at a high level that’s still tolerable by the patient. Electro-acupuncture opens neural pathways, stimulates the endocrine system for better health, releases endorphins and serotonin, and in some cases, treats insomnia and depression. It is used on Olympic athletes to treat pain and improve performance. Electro-acupuncture is safe, noninvasive, measures progress, and can be more effective than Trigger Point Dry Needling in some conditions.



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