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Dr. Terence McCormick, BS, MAcOM, DAOM, NCMT, LAc is the first Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to practice in Wyoming, South Dakota and the Northern Front Range of Colorado.  His naprapathy practice provides traditional acupuncture, laser therapy, Oriental medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal medicine prescriptions and nutritional therapy. His is the founder of Dermatomal Trigger Point Dry Needling (DTDN), a technique of intramuscular stimulation therapy. He has practiced throughout the world since 1989, providing care to people of all ages for a wide variety of health and wellness concerns and continues to provide regular seminars and group clinics to the public in addition to training practitioners in his treatment technique, DTDN.  He is the author of the book Dermatomal Trigger Point Dry Needling:  Foundations of Clinical Practice.
He has volunteered hundreds of hours to help train and establish rural acupuncture clinics in underserved areas of South America in addition to opening practices throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.  He has dedicated much time and effort toward supporting the public and the natural medicine profession with his healing skills and talents. His clinics continue to provide support for his ongoing work and outreach as an acupuncture and natural medicine pioneer and volunteer in the United States and abroad.  Dr. McCormick continues to travel the United States and Canada serving as an instructor for Dermatomal Trigger Point Dry Needling, low level laser therapy, acupuncture, naturopathic botanical and manual medicine.  He has practiced on four continents including working as a medical spa acupuncture physician on board a cruise ship in 2010.  He completed multiple cruises in the Mediterranean and Caribbean while practicing and teaching various classes on natural health and healing. 

Dr. McCormick specializes in various Western and Asian styles of acupuncture, non-needle low level laser therapy, laser acupuncture, botanical and Chinese herbal medicine and other natural and TCM naprapathy (manual therapy) modalities.  His practice also has the most extensive Asian herbal medicine dispensary available in the region.

Dr. McCormick has provided tens of thousands of treatments using acupuncture, laser acupuncture, manual medicine and low level laser therapy throughout his over twenty years in professional practice.  Some of his patients have included legendary athletes, famous musicians, television and movie stars.  He specializes and with some treatment strategies uses low level laser and herbal therapies exclusively to treat a wide variety of pain and injury conditions in both children and adults.  
He is a specialist in non-needle laser acupuncture, cold laser, manual therapies and botanical Asian medicine to treat various musculoskeletal and neuromuscular pain in addition to other health conditions. As the area's leading expert in his field, he combines Eastern and Western techniques with a wealth of knowledge and healthcare experience.  Dr. McCormick has been interviewed on various radio and television news programs locally and throughout the country regarding health topics in the field of acupuncture and cold laser therapy.  

Dr. McCormick was a master’s level instructor at two acupuncture and Oriental medicine colleges and was a doctoral fellow at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in pre-med / public health from William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ and holds both a master’s and doctoral degree from OCOM, one of the first accredited programs of its kind in the US.  As a doctoral fellow he completed advanced clinical training at Oregon Health Sciences University's Pain Center.  He has completed internships within acupuncture, herbal medicine and manual therapy wards at two hospitals while completing a post graduate internship at the World Health Organization’s International Acupuncture Training Center at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China. Additionally, Terence is a graduate of the New Jersey School of Massage - North Jersey Massage Training Center.  He has apprenticed with tui na doctors and worked alongside numerous naprapaths and chiropractors over the past twenty years to hone his skills in manual therapies, injury care, sports medicine and "dry needing".  Additionally, he completed training and certification as a soignier at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.  A soignier is a cycling specific team therapist and aide that works directly with pre and post event care of elite athletes.  Dr. McCormick has served as a professional soignier and trainer for amateur and professional US national cycling champions and internationally competitive teams.

Additionally, Terence has an extensive background as an elite level athlete spanning over twenty years.  He has been a competitive finisher in over 150 elite level cycling races throughout New England, the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain and Mid-Atlantic regions and has competed in six national championship cycling events. He has raced as a sponsored member of a numerous cycling and triathlon teams for over two decades.  As a triathlete he placed first overall in ten elite sprint triathlons in addition to over seventy five top ten overall finishes at New York City, Denver, Boston, Austin, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland area popular running race events.  

Dr. McCormick is an avid outdoor enthusiast, trail runner and mountain biker.  He has regularly competed in cycling, running, triathlon and mountain biking events throughout the region.  His practice was an official sponsor of various local triathlon and cycling clubs, helping to support people leading an active healthy lifestyle. He regularly volunteers his time and talents to help support local events in the community in addition to coaching novice runners, cyclists and endurance athletes.  Throughout the 90's he was a certified yoga teacher that helped support athletes in performance enhancement and recovery while also teaching classes for the general public to support wellness. Today he teaches free classes to the public in Chinese Yoga (Qi Gong)  in each community he practices to help support his patients in ongoing wellness care. Dr. McCormick gives back to the community through a wide variety of free classes because he realizes that knowledge is power and it empowers people with the knowledge of self-healing naturally, free from pharmaceuticals and unnecessary surgeries.  This makes him unpopular with conventional medicine but very popular with the allopathic community that embraces complementary medicine.

Dr. McCormick uses his knowledge, skills and experience in sports medicine and natural athletic enhancement to prevent and heal from injuries, maintain longevity and promote peak performance.  He enjoys sharing his therapeutic skills, healing wisdom and experience with patients that are either weekend warriors, fitness conscious individuals or competitive endurance athletes. However he works with a wide variety of health concerns beyond simply sports medicine. He is also a specialist in neurological disorders, shingles treatment, stroke rehabilitation, allergy elimination, migraines, hormone imbalances, sleep disorders, adrenal fatigue, thyroid concerns and more.
  He also hosts regular acupuncture natural medicine community outreach clinics in under-served rural areas of Wyoming and South Dakota.
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